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Lectures on European Topics

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Great Gtrey Owl

In Search of the Great Grey Owl

Wildlife in Scandinavian Pine forests (Taiga) Can be combined with a comparison with Scottish Caledonian Forest

Male Capercaillie displaying Sweden
Narcissus bulbocodium - hooped daffodil

The Spanish Steppes – wildlife in Extremadura

Bustards, Eagles, Vultures and much more in this wild area of Spain

Griffon Vulture
Bumble-bee Orchid

Spring in Andalucia

Flowers, birds, big insects and raptor migration across the Straits of Gibraltar

Mole Cricket Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa - Andalucia
Col de Pau Pyrenees

The magic of the Pyrenees

This magnificent mountain chain is home to a wealth of wildlife. Soaring vultures, a huge variety of insects and of course fabulous alpine plants.

Gentiana anglica
Red Kite

Wildlife of the Iberian Peninsula

General view of Iberian wildlife and habitats

Yellow-bordered Bee Orchid
Camargue horses and cattle egrets

Mediterranean wildlife highlights

General view of the Mediterranean area accompanied by wildlife appropriate to the lecture location. The role of man in the ecology of this environment

Camargue flamingoes
Alpine Accentor

Natural History in Alpine areas of Britain and Europe

What is ‘Alpine’? Wildlife from Greenland’s icy mountains, through Iceland, Scandinavia, Teesdale, Scotland, French Alps, Pyrenees and the Picos Europa


Macaronesia – The Atlantic’s Galapagos?

The Atlantic islands of the Azores, Canaries, Madeira and Cape Verde provide fantastic evidence for evolution as well as an interesting blend of African and European wildlife. However development poses a threat to many species and they may become extinct before they are recognised as such.

Sabta Cruz Teneriffe