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About Us

Dave Horsley

Wildlife and IT solutions is company run by Dr Dave Horsley, recently retired Head of Biology at Gresham’s School in Norfolk. The idea behind it is to allow me to pursue my twin interests of wildlife education and information technology.

As a keen naturalist and photographer I have always tried hard to bring as much wildlife into my biology teaching. At last I can do the reverse. Free from the constraints of the National Curriculum, I can devote my ‘teaching’ to largely wildlife with just a little explanation of the fascinating science that lies behind it. I live in North Norfolk, a naturalist’s paradise year round. However I do travel beyond the county boundaries to find interesting subjects in the natural world that do not visit Norfolk. This, and a passion for Wildlife Photography and more recently videography, have provided me with material for a large range of talks or lectures. My interests are wide and I would describe myself as a jack-of-all-trades naturalist and master of none. My talks reflect this wide range of interests. I give many talks locally in Norfolk, and I lecture on cruise ships.

I have a lot of experience of leading wildlife walks and can help people to get the most out of all the Natural History to be seen on the way.

Finally after starting computing in 1972, I have a sound understanding of the subject and can help people use most of the 'standard' Windows- based packages. Hence IT Solutions. Get more out of Word, Excel, Access, Photoshop, Pinnacle Studio and many more.

Dave Horsley on Discovery
Filming raptors in the Pyrenees Photographing Great Shearwaters on board 'Discovery'