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    Updated 26/3/2015

    Welcome to Dave Horsley's Website. I offer a range of services in the area of Wildlife Education and Information Technology. My principle focus is Norfolk, but my activities extend well beyond the boundaries of this famous wildlife hotspot
    Latest News
    New reviews and recommendations. Many, many more images in the photogallery from this year's Caribbean and Arctic Norway trip. New lectures added.

    Talks on Wildlife from the UK and around the world

    One of the latest uploads to my recently updated DaveHorsleysWildlife Channel at Youtube. Why not go there straight away!

    Explore the rest of my website and get further into Norfolk and beyond!


    Photographic & Video Resources for Schools

    Talks on Wildlife which help understanding key biological principles

    Courses and Workshops on Wildlife topics

    Talks on Environmental Issues

    Guided Walks in Norfolk designed to your requirements and interests

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